Once you have designed a landing page campaign, the last step for the campaign is to launch it.

As part of the launch stage, you can launch the campaign in various ways.

One of the popular methods is to launch the landing page on Facebook as a 'Facebook Tab'.

How will a Facebook Tab look?

As seen in the above image, when you launch a campaign on Facebook, the landing page appears behind a Facebook tab.

When you click on the tab, it will open the landing page on Facebook as follows:

How does one launch the landing page on Facebook?

a. Login to your Facebook account under the Launch section

When you do this activity for the first time, you will be asked for several permissions by the Facebook app.

Please make sure you accept all the permission requests.

b. Once you have logged in and have given the different permissions, you will be asked for the particular page where you want to launch the Facebook tab.

You will be only offered those page options, where your Facebook account has admin privileges.

Click on select page and proceed to the next step.

c. Give a name to the Facebook Tab. This will be the name that will appear below the tab on Facebook.

d. Click on Save and proceed to the final step.

The tab is now ready to launch on Facebook. 

Simply click on Done & Launch and you will be able to view it on your Facebook page.

NoteYou can further customize the tab as needed (changing the name & image on the tab) on Facebook itself.