Often there is a need to integrate your website & other third party software with the Firecart platform & syncing the contacts list is a key part of the integration. For this purpose, we have provided the AddCustomer API which will allow you to add & update contacts on your Firecart account. The API also allows you to add the contacts to specific sublists pre-created on your Firecart Dashboard.

So, the Add Customer API allows you 3 things:

1. Add a new contact

2. Update existing contact information

3. Add the new/existing contact to one or more sublists

Add Customer API Format


Request URL: http://app.firecart.io/CustomerServiceHandler.do

apiAccessKey = <your access key>
apiSecret = <your app secret>
data = <json data of customer information>
sublist = [your sublist names separated by comma ‘,’] (optional)

http://app.firecart.io/CustomerServiceHandler.do?apiAccessKey=canvass&apiSecret=canvass&action=ADD_CUSTOMER&data={"name":"David","email":"david@address.com","mobileNumber":"1234512345","gender":"male","maritalStatus":"married","dateOfBirth":"15/08/1977","city":"Mumbai","Custom_Variable_1":"Value1"}&sublist=["Landing Page List","My List"]

Example Output:


In certain cases, you may notice that the API responds with a message - 'FAILED' with an error code. This can be interpreted in the following manner:


Error Codes




When the customer add API is blocked (Firecart will automatically block the API when it finds a large number of invalid emails)



Given data is not formatted properly (JSON) or not submitted as part of the request



1. To send custom data your custom variable should follow the following rule:

  • replace the spaces in the customer variable name with “_” . 

  • For example: if your variable name is “Company Name” then you should send the key as “Company_Name”

2. Any date information needs to be sent in the dd/mm/yyyy format to be handled accurately.

3. Sublists are handled properly only if :

  • A sublist with the same name has already been created on your FIrecart account

  • If you send a sublist request with a name that does not match the one on the Firecart account, it will ignore the sublist with the mismatched name

4. The sublist & custom variable names are Case Sensitive. You should ensure their values are sent accurately.

For detailed information about which customer field a particular variable refers to - click here.