The Firecart homepage comprises of two main sections:

1. Live Activity Feed

2. Homepage Cards

Live Activity Feed

The activity feed is updated real time & displays the latest set of activities happening on your Firecart account. Activities include launching campaigns, contacts filling out your landing pages, Referrals, Conversions, etc. In addition, on a daily basis, there is also an update about any changes to the performance of your latest email campaigns & referral programs. In essence, it gives you a quick way to look at ongoing activities on your account.

Homepage Cards

Alongside the Live Activity Feed, you will be able to view Homepage Cards. These cards give a quick overview off the total number of contacts & campaigns running on your account as well as a quick look at the latest campaigns running on your account.

Depending on the particular campaign, you will view different statistics. For example, in an email campaign you will get a quick look at the opens & clicks, in a landing page, it will give you an idea of the number of form fills and in case of a referral program - the number of referrals & conversions for the particular campaign.

In addition to the main content of the homepage (Live Activity Feed & the Homepage Cards), you also have access to the top Menu Section which can take you to the Campaigns, Customers, Automation & Analytics section easily.