Often, as a Business Owner or a Marketing manager, it is difficult for you to estimate the exact number of contacts, email & SMS credits you will require for your marketing needs while using Firecart. While we expect you to plan your marketing activities & accordingly select the right plan & credits you will need to use Firecart on a monthly basis, there may be months when you will need more credits than your plan allows. 

Overage Functionality:

To prevent your system to be blocked & to allow uninterrupted access to your account when you exceed your monthly credit limits, we have added the Overage functionality. 

* This functionality is available only for customers that are in the Outbound Communication, Standard or Enterprise plans.

Overage Charges:

Overage charges work in a simple manner. For every additional contact, email or SMS credit you use over your purchased limit, you are charged an overage fee.

Dollar Pricing INR Pricing
Additional Contact $0.0020 Rs. 0.124
Additional Email $0.0025 Rs. 0.155
Additional SMS Not applicable Rs. 0.21

Overage charges are calculated on a monthly basis & will reflect in your invoice at the end of your monthly cycle.

For the most up to date overage rates applicable to your account, please look in the Account Usage & Billing section of your dashboard settings page.