Drip campaigns allow you to send a series of useful emails over a preset interval of time to engage your customers better & nurture them over a period of time.

The question arises how can you add particular customers to these drip message sequences.

Step 1: Create the drip marketing campaign with a series of emails. View this link to learn more about creating a drip marketing campaign.

Step 2: Once you are in the Workflow editor, it is a simple drag and drop sequence which will configure the system to add customers to a drip marketing campaign list.

  • Drag the Add to Drip action to the editor section from the panel in the right side of the editor.


  • Select the action to configure it to a specific drip marketing campaign.

    • This “action” basically adds users to the specified list on some condition which can be setup as described.


  • For the particular use case of adding a customer to a drip campaign, most common conditions tend to be around:

    • When a customer is added to a particular sublist, add them to a drip campaign

    • When a customer fills a form & sets a particular field to a certain value, add them to a drip campaign.

(Below - you will find screenshots for the 2 above-mentioned rules)


  • Once the workflow has been created, give it a name and save it.

  • Any future events that meet the conditions, will trigger the rule & add the customer to the drip campaign.