Birthday campaign allows you to give your customers something to celebrate on their Birthdays. You can create and set up awards to be given to the customers. These awards can be sent through a custom designed email which can be created using our editor. It can be scheduled so that it automatically sends out the award on the customer's birthday so that you don't need to keep track of it.

Step 1: Select Birthday Activity.

From the list of Workflow Guides, scroll down or chose the category of Miscellaneous from the drop down menu and select Birthday Activity by clicking on Use this workflow button.


Step 2: Configure the Activity

Choose an already existing activity or create a new from the configuration box that appears on clicking the trigger.


Step 3: Give the Activity a name

Give a name which will be easy for you to remember and reuse later.

Step 4: Set awards

If you are giving awards to customers on their birthdays, select this option and enter number of days for that award to be valid for that customer after his birthday.


Step 5: Design the page.

To understand how to design your pages, view this link.

There is the concept of a Special Page in this campaign. If you generate a page, which displays a limited time coupon, then you would ideally like to have the page stop displaying the coupon after the period is over. (For example: if you have setup the rule to say, Award/Coupon available only for 4 days after birthday, if someone views the page on the 5th day, you would not want to display the coupon). In such a case, the Special page is displayed.

You can setup the Special page to display relevant content - Saying "The coupon you were looking for has expired", etc.


Step 6: Setup the message for the Birthday Offers Campaign awards

Setup the message for your customers wishing them Happy Birthday and delivering the Birthday Offers information.

You can setup the message by clicking on the option shown below –


You can set the Sender details (Sender name & Sender email under the options icon) for this email.

When you click on the orange Email button, you will be taken to the email editor section, where you can setup the email (refer steps 4-10).