Often, our customers get visitors from various sources (website, phone, etc.) & the most common problem we hear is that they are not able to follow up with these visitors/leads in a systematic manner. Drip Marketing allows you to configure a set of emails to be sent out to select set of people over a preset interval of time.

Step 1: Click on the Workflows tab in the navbar and then select Drip trigger.


Step 2: Click on the Drip trigger from the workflow editor to configure it.

Choose an existing drip marketing activity saved by you or create a new one. You can also choose any activity to configure the trigger for all types of Drip activities.


Step 3: Give the Campaign a name

This will be useful to identify the campaign in future.



Step 4: Start creating the different messages for the Drip Campaign

a. Click on the 'Add new drip marketing message' and get started.


b. This will open up a dialog box, where you can setup the name for the message, the delay from any previous emails, time of sending the email among other options.


c. Click on Save changes & the message will show up in a tabular format. Similarly, you can create a bunch of other drip emails to complete your sequence. Also you can change its order by dragging it above or below from the column of Order.


d. Once the list has been created, you can setup the emails one at a time by clicking on the orange email button next to the particular message.

This opens up the normal email editor that you will have used as part of the email marketing campaign.

Follow the normal steps to create the email & save. Once the email is saved, the email button next to the particular message turns Green.

(Follow Steps 4-10 on this link to understand how to use the editor to create an email)