Often, businesses would like to segment their contacts into different lists (eg: Existing Customers, Leads, Loyal Customers, Partners, Investors, etc.)

Businesses use these lists to send out tailored, targeted content.

On the Firecart software, you can create a new sublist in the following way:

a. Under the Customers section, go to the Segments section from the navbar.


b. Click on Create a sublist button on the top right of the screen. Give this sublist a name.


c. Once the list is saved, it will show up on the Segments page with a yellow bordered tile.


d. The following options allow you to view/edit, rename and delete the sublist respectively.

  • You can click on the sublist to view the sublist & add/edit particular records from that sublist

  • You can rename the sublist by clicking on the pencil icon next to the sublist name after clicking on the card.

  • You can delete a sublist by clicking on the 'bin' icon in the top right corner of each sublist card.

(Note: Deleting a sublist, will not delete the contacts from the database.)