Email Marketing can help you keep your customers and prospects engaged. You can automate the process of sending out emails at a particular time to any of your customer lists or segments by creating a campaign.

Step 1:

Click on the Workflows tab in the navigation bar on the left.


Step 2: Create an Email Marketing Activity

Select Email Marketing Newsletter Activity from the list of campaigns that are displayed on the next page.


Step 3: Use this workflow

This option would take you to the workflow editor page with the email marketing trigger.


Step 4: Click on it to associate the trigger with an activity.

From the dropdown, select an existing email activity or create a new one or make it applicable to any activity..


Step 5: Give the Campaign a name

Give a name to the campaign. This will be useful to identify and reuse the campaign in future.


Step 6: Start designing the email

1. Enter your email subject in the text area provided

2. Select any blocks you want to use to create your email.


Step 7: Using the Rich Text Editor

1.Once you have selected the blocks, you can easily start putting the necessary text in each block by using the connected rich text editor.


Step 8: Uploading an image

1. Click on the Images tab & upload your images here. These images can be used later in your newsletters/emails.


Step 9: Using the image in your email

1. Use any of the image blocks available in the Blocks tab.

2. Once it is available in the design section, simply drag and drop the image you like in the image section.

3. You can link the image to any webpage you like and also place an alternate text to represent the image

4. You can resize the image easily on the editor itself.


Step 10: Other options for the email designer

1. Use the themes tab to add your own branding and color to the email

2. Use the custom variables tab to personalize the email



Step 11: Edit existing templates.



Step 12: Preview and Test the email

1. Using the Preview option, you can see exactly how the email will look to your clients.

2. Use the test mail feature to send the newsletter to a test email address and see how it appears in your inbox. This can also help you detect any issues with the email content.



Step 13: Save the email template

Save the template with a name which would help you reuse or identify the template later.

Step 14: Send the email to your contacts

1. Select the lists you want to send the emails

2. Click on Save & continue.


Step 15: Launch the campaign

You can send out the email immediately or schedule for a particular date & time, so emails can go out to the selected lists automatically.