Often companies need to have fields for their contact records that are specific to their business

(For example:

1. Gym Membership expires every month. They will need a field for 'Membership expiration date' for their contacts

2. A B2B business wants to identify the role of their contact - CTO/Marketing Manager/Sales Associate/IT/etc. They will need a field called 'Contact Type')

Since, there is no single set of fields that suit all business needs, you have an option to create custom fields for your business.

Here are the steps you will take to create custom fields for the contacts in your business:

Steps to add custom fields:

Step 1: Navigating to the Custom Field Section

a. Click on the Username on the top menu of the Software & click on Settings.



Step 2: Creating a new custom field

a. Click on the 'Add Custom Field' button at the top.


b. Since the field type should show up as a Text Field, we will select Field Type as 'Text'.

Also, since it contains a date element, we will set up the data type as 'Date'.

c.In case of the field called Contact Type, we would have selected the Field Type as COMBO BOX & set the Data Type as the following:


Once you are done, just click on Submit & you will be able to view all the custom fields created on your account.


Step 3: Viewing Custom Field under your Customer Record

a. Go back to any of your customer records & edit the customer record.

b. When you are on the add/edit page for the Customer, you will now be able to view the custom fields under the contact record.


Step 4: Using Custom Fields

Custom Fields are not only a great way to store additional information about your contacts but can also help significantly in personalizing email & messages sent to the contacts by including personalized information in the emails. You can use all these different custom fields intelligently in your Email Marketing, SMS Marketing & other communication to personalize the emails and achieve greater responses.