You will notice that a lot of website visitors signup on an ecommerce website but do not end up purchasing anything. Most of the times, a timely reminder email is all that it takes to nudge them to explore your website further & get them to purchase. Using Firecart, an automated reminder can be sent at the appropriate time to help your customers take the purchase action.

Once you have linked the Firecart Dashboard with your site, all user purchases, registrations etc can henceforth be tracked from the dashboard.

Best way to setup automation for Registered users who have never purchased:

1. When you create an account on Firecart Dashboard, a segment called as “Registered But Never Purchased”  is by default created.


2. Custom fields required for this are also created by default on your account - Registered Date’ & ‘Last Purchased Date’.

3. If using the API method, then write the API for the insertion of new users into the segment “Registrants”.{"name":"David","email":"","mobileNumber":"1234512345","dateOfBirth":"15/08/1977","Registered_Date":"11/01/2015"}&sublist=["Registrants"]

The customer fields should be mentioned correctly in the API call. Refer this.(Mapping Customer fields using API)

4. Tracking customers if they make a purchase

You can track all customers who have 0 purchases from the customer segment “Registered But Never Purchased” which is a default segment. If they make a purchase, contacts gets automatically removed from this segment and gets added to “Buyers”.

5. Setup Automation Workflows on Firecart to start Marketing Automation.


This will send the selected/created template from the action box to all the users who are present in the segment called as “Registered But Never Purchased”.