There are 4 main areas of the Firecart Software - Workflows, Customers, Analytics.

a) Workflows - Use this feature to intelligently drive contacts across lists, combine activities and trigger actions.

b) Customers – This is where all your customer records reside. Add & manage your contacts and sublists here

c) Analytics – View how your campaigns are performing & get interesting marketing insights in this section.

You have full access to all the features available in the Firecart Software during the free trial period of 30 days.

The only restriction applicable during the free trial period is on the number of Contacts, Emails & SMS credits that you can use. The limits are listed in the table below.



Once the limits are reached, you will not be able to add additional contacts/emails/SMS to your trial account.

Viewing Usage Summary

a) Open Billing Details under the Settings tab on the navbar.


b) You can view the Usage Summary for the month in the ‘Account Overview’ tab.


Once you reach closer to the credit limits for your account, you will receive notifications to upgrade your plan. Click here to learn more about the different plans offered on Firecart.