Sublists allow businesses to segment their customers easily & hence target them better.

There are several different ways in which you can add customers to sublists on the Firecart Platform.

Creating Sublist

a. You need to first create the different sublists that make sense for your business. (Leads/Customers/Partners/etc)

(View this link if you want to understand how to create sublists)

Adding contacts to a sublist

Method 1: Adding Contact to a particular sublist as part of the upload

a. Go to the Contacts tab & then click on the Upload Contact option on the left.


You can select more than one sublist at a time. If you do not pick any sublist, then the contacts get added by default to the All Contacts list.

Method 2: Adding Contact to a particular sublist by going into the Edit Page of the Contact

a. Go to the Contacts tab & then click on the Add Contact option on the top.

b. Scroll to the List Details section.


Method 3: Adding a customer to multiple sublists from the Customer List Page

a. Another way to add a customer to sublists is from the Customer list page itself.


b. Click on the 3 line icon next to a particular contact. This gives you an option to add & remove the contact to any sublist immediately.


Method 4: Using Automation to Add Contacts to a particular sublist

a. One can use Automation creatively to segment customers into different sublists & then target them better.

For example, if someone fills out a form, you can add them to a particular sublist as seen in the example below


b. Another case is where a customer has had significant engagement with a particular set of emails, you want to place them into a 'Warm Leads' list


Method 5: Using Manage Sublists option to manage customers in a particular sublist

a. Another way to manage customers and place them in particular sublists is under the Segments section.


b. Click on the particular sublist you want to manage.


c. You can then add,edit or remove contact(s) from that sublist from there itself.