Often you would like to personalize your emails with your contact's name & other details. While using the standard Firecart Email Editor, you may have already used the mail-merge option by using the Custom Variables tab on the page.


Using this above option, it is very easy to mail-merge within the text of the designed email. However, this approach will not allow you to include custom variables in the subject lines or in custom uploaded HTML email. We now offer ways to do a mail-merge on your subject lines as well as custom HTML designed emails.

Instructions to include custom fields in email subject lines & uploaded HTML email templates


This help article describes how you can embed personalization variables in your subject lines and HTML email templates. You can embed both standard fields as well as custom created fields in your HTML code.


Embedding standard fields:

These fields are available in your account by default. You can simply use the format specified below in your HTML email code to add personalization to your emails.

Variable name

Format to use in Subject Lines & HTML

Can be used in

Customer Name


All Campaigns

Customer Email


All Campaigns

Customer Mobile


All Campaigns

Campaign Link


All Campaigns

Awards Available


Referral Campaign

Awards Awarded


Referral Campaign

Awards Used


Referral Campaign

Referral Name


Referral Campaign

Referral Mobile


Referral Campaign

Referral Email


Referral Campaign

Coupon Code


Referral & Quiz Campaign

Coupon Validity


Referral & Quiz Campaign

Coupon Expiration Date


Referral & Quiz Campaign

Unique Share Link


Referral Campaign

Referral Link


Referral Campaign

Unique Link


Data Collector Campaign

Customer Response


Customer Feedback Campaign

Customer Response


Landing Page Campaign

Embedding custom created fields:

If you have created custom fields under the “Settings” menu and you want to include those fields in your Subject Line/ HTML code, then you should use the same field name but replace all spaces with underscores (_) and enclose the entire variable with double curly braces.

For example: Here are some sample custom fields

Custom Field Name

Format to use in Subject Line & HTML

Can be used for

Company name


All Campaigns

Website URL


All Campaigns

Lead Source


All Campaigns

Product Name


All Campaigns

Image Path


All Campaigns

Sample Personalized Subject Line:

{{Customer_Name}}, Special offer for {{Company_name}}

Sample HTML code:


<div class=’block’>
<span><img src=”{{Image_Path}}” /><span>
Hey {{Customer_Name}},
We have a special offer of 30% off on {{Product_Name}}.
<a href=”{{Website_URL}}”>Click here</a> for more details