A lot of ecommerce customers rely on repeat sales to grow their business & revenues. Whenever a product has a shelf life & is about to run out for a customer, the customer is going to go look out for new options. At this time, it is important for you to stay on top of mind for the customer to increase your sales & increase retention. Here are a few quick steps you can take on Firecart to automate the activity & increase your revenues:

Sending out timely Product Replenishment Reminders

1. When you create an account on Firecart Dashboard, a segment called as “Inactive Buyers in Last 30 Days”. If you want to create another list with different conditions, you can create it from the post on How to Create a Sublist and using Automation Workflows to manage users into this segment.


2. The following custom fields would be used here.

  • Last Purchased Product

  • Last Purchased Date

  • Total Amount Spent

  • Total Orders &

  • Average Bill Amount

3. Tracking customers once they make a purchase

a. You can find all the active users from the “Active Buyers in Last 30 Days

b. Setup the API call from ‘Thank you’ page. (‘Thank you’ page is displayed to the customer after purchase is done).

This time you should send additional information to Firecart such as Name, Email, Mobile, Last Purchased Product, Last Purchased Date, Total Amount Spent, Total Orders, Average Bill Amount.

A sample Http API call is shown below:



http://app.firecart.io/CustomerServiceHandler.do?apiAccessKey=canvass&apiSecret=canvass&action=ADD_CUSTOMER&data={"name":"David","email":"david@address.com","mobileNumber":"1234512345","Last_Purchased_Product":"Shampoo","Last_Purchased_Date":"21/01/2015", "Total_Amount_Spent":"5000","Total_Orders":"4", "Average_Bill_Amount":"1250"}&sublist=["Active Users in Last 30 Days"] 


The customer fields should be mentioned correctly in the API call. Refer to this for more information.

4. Setup Automation Workflows on Firecart to start Marketing Automation

a. Set email to be sent to users who have not made a purchase since 30 days after their previous purchase.


b. When the customer makes a purchase, customers are automatically removed from ‘Inactive Users’ sublist if they are present in your Contacts.