There are a lot of visitors to your website who browse across several pages, add products to cart but never end up purchasing. This could be because they got distracted, got lost on the final purchase page, found the price a little too high. All they need is an additional push/reminder from your end & that could convert the visitor to a customer.

On your website, you would already be tracking these abandoned carts (customer has added a product to a cart, but left the website without making the purchase).

Below is a quick way to automate the process of contacting these visitors & converting them using Firecart.

1. When you create an account on Firecart Dashboard, a segment called as “Abandoned Cart Contacts”.

2. Following custom fields will be useful here on your account

  • Abandoned Cart URL

  • Last Abandoned Cart Date

3. Tracking customers once they abandon the Cart.


Setup the API call when the user abandons the Cart, using a simple addCustomer API. This time you should send additional information to Firecart such as Name, Email, Mobile, Abandoned Cart URL, Abandoned Cart Products.

The ‘Abandoned Cart URL’ will be the link that the user can click on and directly go to the purchasing page.

‘Abandoned Cart Products’ will be the list of products that the user left in the cart.

eg: A sample Http API call is shown below:{"name":"David","email":"","mobileNumber":"1234512345","Abandoned_Cart_URL":"","Abandoned_Cart_Products":"Sennheiser CX 180 Earphone, Microwave Oven"}&sublist=["Abandoned Cart Contacts"]


The customer fields should be mentioned correctly in the API call. Refer this for more information.

4) Setup Automation Rules on Firecart to start Marketing Automation

Set email to be sent to users who have pending items in Cart. The moment the email is sent out, we remove them from the Abandoned Cart Contacts list.