There are two ways to remove someone from a drip marketing campaign. Emails scheduled under the drip campaign will stop going out to the contact once he/she has been removed from the campaign.

1. Removing one contact at a time:

Under the individual contact record, you can see the different drip campaigns running on that contact. You can remove the drip campaign for the particular contact by going to edit contact page.


All ticks means that the current user is present in that drip marketing campaign. Unticking it would remove that particular user from the unselected item.

2. Removing multiple contacts at a time using Automation:

The other way to remove a contact from a drip marketing campaign is using Automation Workflows.

  • Select from the Actions panel, the “Remove from Drip” and place it on the workflow editor.

  • Click on the action to associate it with a particular list.


Choose the drip from which you want to remove users.

  • Using a set of different conditions, you can decide when is the right time to remove a contact from a drip marketing campaign.

Note: By using a variety of different trigger conditions, you can setup the Automation Rule to remove a contact from a drip marketing campaign.