Warming up a new user & keeping him engaged, so that the end user is able to experience the best of your product if very important. Often, companies are not able to keep up with these onboarding activities in a scientific & systematic manner once they start growing. Using Firecart, the entire new user onboarding activity can be automated.

One very common method for onboarding new users using Firecart:

1. When you create a new account on Firecart, a sublist called as “Registrants” gets created by default.



2. Setup a link between your website, CRM or any other portal (where you are capturing the new users) and your Firecart account. Essentially using a simple addCustomer API, all the information about the new user that was captured on the website is now sent to Firecart.

The API allows you a lot of flexibility in deciding what information to save on Firecart as well as the sublist that the contact should get added to.

As part of this API Call, add the newly added user to the 'New User Registrants' sublist on Firecart.

eg: A sample Http API call would like below:




3. Setup a Drip campaign on your account (that is a series of onboarding emails) you would like to send a new user.


4. Once all the emails have been set up & the API is connected, you can use Automation Workflows to directly add any new contact (new user) to the drip campaign.


The screenshot above is an example of sending an immediate welcome email as well as adding the contact to the 'New User Onboarding Drip' sequence.

Thus, in 4 quick steps, you are able to completely automate your entire new user onboarding activity achieving increased engagement with your customers & helping them achieve their goals effectively.