Here are a few easy steps to sign up for a paid account on Firecart.

For this, you have to first create a ‘30 day Free Trial Account’.


If you have already created a free trial account on Firecart, then login to your account and follow the steps given below.

1. Click on Settings and select Billing Details.


2. Click on Change/Upgrade plan button on the top


3. Select the preferred currency and the type of plan.


4. You can increase the number of Customers, Emails and SMSes if required, wherein the pricing will be recalculated according to the Overage charges. You can opt either for the ‘6 months’ or ‘12 months’ plan.


5. On clicking on ‘Purchase’ button, you will get an order information form as below:


6. Then click on ‘Order Now’ button wherein you will have to provide some basic details and make the purchase using a credit card.