Workflows allow you to set up a bunch of different actions when a contact on your account meets specific conditions. On Firecart, there are primarily three different types of conditions that can be setup:


1. Conditions that get triggered immediately when met

2. Conditions that are triggered manually (Filters)

3. Date based conditions


1. Immediately triggered conditions


Below are some common examples of conditions that get triggered immediately:


  • Someone just got added to sublist ‘Leads’

  • Contact just got removed from sublist ‘Customers’

  • Contact just filled the Landing page form

  • Contact opened/clicked a particular email

As the name suggests, these conditions get triggered immediately the contact does a certain activity. These in turn can trigger workflow actions like ‘Alert my sales representative’, ‘Add to Warm Leads sublist’, etc.

2. Manually triggered conditions (Filters)


Below are some common examples of conditions that can be triggered manually:

  • Someone's custom field 'City' is 'Mumbai'

  • Someone is present in sublist 'Leads'

  • Contact is not present in sublist 'Customers'

This is commonly used to filter clients into different sublists based on the value of one of their fields, etc. These are generally triggered when used in combination with one of the immediate triggered conditions or the date based conditions.

3. Date based conditions


Below are some common examples of date based conditions:


  • 10 days before ‘Membership Expiration date’

  • 1 day after birthday

  • 7 days before ‘Trip start date’


Date based conditions are those that revolve around specific dates for a contact such as ‘Trip Start date’, ‘Examination Date’, etc. Such date based conditions get triggered once a day. All contacts who meet the conditions specified in such workflows are subjected to the corresponding action defined in the workflow.


While you will setup the above types of conditions, it will frequently happen that the Workflow may have more than one type of conditions. In such a case, for example if the conditions state:

  • If added to sublist ‘Leads’ (immediate condition)

  • If present in sublist ‘Customers’ (manually triggered condition)

Take the following action:

  • Send an email to ‘’


In such a case, the workflow can be triggered only if the contact gets added to the Leads sublist at that point of time and also if the contact is already present in the sublist ‘Customers’.


Note: * Date based conditions get triggered once every day.