Sometimes you may want to add many contacts at the same time on your account.

You can simply upload an excel file and add all the new contacts at once.

Steps to upload a batch of contacts

a. Create an excel file (.xls) with the name, email & a bunch of other information you want to save on the account.


b. Go to the Contacts tab and navigate to the ‘All Contacts' section.

c. Select the option “Upload Contacts” on the top right corner of the screen

d. You can select more than one sublist at a time. If you do not pick any sublist, then the contacts get added by default to the All Customers list.


e. Once you have selected the sublist(s) where you want to add the customer.

Select the excel file from the computer and click on upload.

When you click on upload, a new window opens, which allows you to map the different fields present in your excel file to the fields available on your Firecart account. As shown in this image, we have mapped the Name, Email Address & are in the process of mapping the Mobile Number field for the uploaded excel file.


f. Once you have mapped all the fields, click on add button.

As soon as you click on add, the system starts adding all the uploaded contacts into the system.

(Contacts that already exist on the system are updated with the new information).

As soon as the upload of all the contacts is completed, you will receive an email notification and thereafter you can view the contacts on your account.