While designing many of your campaigns, you'll come across email designing section. We have 2 ways to design this email. One is to create it using editor. The second way is to create it with HTML, CSS, and other web development languages and then uploading this design to the editor directly. 

Step 1:

Click on the Workflows tab in the navigation bar on the left.


Step 2: Create an Email Marketing Activity

Select Email Marketing Newsletter Activity from the list of campaigns that are displayed on the next page.


Step 3: Use this workflow

This option would take you to the workflow editor page with the email marketing trigger.


Step 4: Click on it to associate the trigger with an activity.

From the dropdown, select an existing email activity or create a new one or make it applicable to any activity..


Step 5: Give the Campaign a name

Give a name to the campaign. This will be useful to identify and reuse the campaign in future.


Step 6: Start designing the email

1. Here you have a choice to upload your own HTML.


Step 7: Upload your files.

  1. On the Upload HTML page, you are provided a way to upload your zip file containing the HTML & images that are part of the HTML.

  2. You can simply click on the browse button, pick the zip file from your computer and upload.

(Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned on the page properly)


Step 8: Once you upload the HTML, the editor section on the left will get updated & will display the uploaded Newsletter content.

Once the HTML has been uploaded, you can preview, test & save the email template & be ready to send out the newsletter.

(NOTE: Before sending out your newsletter, we strongly recommend you test out the newsletter in at least a couple of different clients like Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail to make sure your HTML content is rendering the way you expect it. If it looks different, you can change your HTML & re-upload the updated zip file to test again).


Follow steps 12-15 of email marketing campaign for further instructions.