Advanced Search gives you a quick way to do intelligent filters on Firecart based on demographic & behavioral information. It is especially useful in quickly creating customer segments, identifying your best customers & targeting them differently.


Step 1: Click on the Advanced Search Link on top menu bar


Step 2: Search for suitable filters

You can add multiple filters for better results. Sample search queries can be:

Find a customer:

who is not present in SUBLIST

who has opened multiple emails in EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN



Step 3: Set the filter values

After adding the filters, set the values for each one of them. Once you have added all your filters, click on Apply filter(s) button.


Step 4: Take action on the result set

On the results page, you can select customers individually or you can select all customers. After selecting customers, you can perform following actions.

- Add them to a new or an existing sublist.

- Export the list of selected customers in an excel file


Step 5: Edit the applied filters

You can edit the currently applied filters.