As part of few of the marketing campaigns you run on Firecart, you may wish to reward your customers if they meet a certain condition. If you wish to maintain records of the awards and specify rules that trigger these awards in the Firecart system, you should configure these under the Set Awards step which comes in few of the campaigns like Birthday Campaign & Referral Campaign.

Step 1: Creating an Award:

On the Set Awards tab, click on Manage awards to create a new award. These awards can be of 2 types. 

Coupon Based: For this type, you will need to upload a coupon file(.xls, .csv etc) containing coupon codes, their description and other details about the coupon. 

Non-Coupon based: This is a simple coupon that you can create from scratch on the firecart dashboard.

Step 2: Configure the award.

If the award type is coupon based, upload the coupon file. Follow the instructions to upload the file successfully. Give this coupon a name that you can remember easily so that it can be used later.

If non-coupon based award is selected, assign the discount value, name, validity and then save it for further uses. 

1. Awards are of 2 types (an actual amount like INR 500) or (percentage of the total price like 20%). Select whether your award is an actual amount/quantity or a percentage.

2. State the amount of the Award. (500 in case of INR 500, 20 in case of 20%)

3. Is this award valid for only a certain time period or there is no such time limit?

If there is no time limit, you should enter ‘-1’. Else, enter the number of days you want the award to be valid for.

4. If you have selected the “Make this award type available in all other campaigns” option, you will be able to view this coupon in all other award based campaigns. 

Finally click on save to complete configuring an award.

Some common examples of Awards are:

1. A Free Consultation

(Award Type: Amount, Qty: 1, Validity: -1, Display Name: Free Consultation, Coupon Code: No)

2. 40% off Coupon

(Award Type: Percentage, Qty: 40, Validity: -1, Display Name: 40% off, Coupon Code: Yes)

3. 500 Mileage Points

(Award Type: Amount, Qt: 500, Validity: -1, Display Name: 500 Mileage Points, Coupon Code: No, Award in all campaigns: Yes)

4. INR 1000 discount (valid for 60 days)

(Award Type: Amount, Qt: 1000, Validity: 60, Display Name: Rs. 1000 discount, Coupon Code: No, Award in all Campaigns: Yes)

Step 3: Choose the person whom you want to award. i.e Referrer or Referral


For Referrals, you can set the value of number of times the coupon can be used.


For Referrer, you can set a condition after which the referrer is given the award. There are multiple choices which are available for the condition like “number of referrals, number of conversions” which can be equal to, greater than, less than or equal to a specified value.


Some common examples of Customer Workflows are:

1. For every 3 referrals, the customer can get $50 credit.

a. Workflow Trigger 'Referral Activity': When ‘referrals’ is a multiple of ‘3’

b. Set Awards: Select the $50 award that has been configured in the Set Awards step. The other fields like the discount value, validity etc will be automatically populated.

c. Final: Give a workflow a name, so you can identify it easily.

Save the workflow and make it live. 

2. For every conversion, the referrer should get ‘INR 5000’.

a. Workflow Trigger 'Referral Activity': When ‘conversions’ greater than or equals ‘1’

b. Set Awards: Select the INR 5000 award that has been configured in the Set Awards step. The other fields like the discount value, validity etc will get populated automatically according to the properties of the selected award.

c. Final: Give a workflow a name, so you can identify it easily.

Save the workflow and make it live.