SMS Marketing campaign allows you to configure and compose your SMS which you can send at a selected time to a particular set of customer lists or segments. Our platform takes care of the nitty gritty like DND filtering, gateways, report generation etc.

Step 1:

Click on the Workflows tab on the left and then click on the Create New Workflow button.





Step 2: Create a SMS Marketing Activity

Select SMS Marketing Activity from the list of workflows that are displayed. This list can be accessed anytime further from the Workflow guides button on the top.



Select the SMS activity trigger to associate it with an activity. Select a saved activity again or click on Create to create a new one.


Step 3: Give the Activity a name

Give a name to the Activity. This will be useful to identify the activity in future.

Click on Save & Proceed.






Step 4: Start creating SMS

Enter your SMS Content in the text area provided. You are allowed to enter a maximum of 160 characters for every SMS. Choose from the custom variables to make the SMS more personalized to your customers. 







Step 5: Preview and Test SMS

1. Using the Preview option, you can see exactly how SMS will look to your clients.

2. Use the test SMS feature to send a SMS to a test mobile number and see how it appears in your mobile SMS inbox. This can also help you detect any issues with SMS content.



Sample Preview as seen in the image below:



Step 7: Send SMS to your contacts

1. Select the lists you want to send SMS.


Step 8: Launch

You have successfully configured sms design and recipients. Click on Send button to start sending SMSs.