Often, businesses run different types of promotions, contests, offers & would like to have a dedicated page to capture leads.

By using a landing page creator, you can create these webpages very quickly.

Steps to create a Landing Page

Step 1:

Click on the Workflows tab on the left and then click on the Create New Workflow button.





Step 2: Create a Landing Page

Select Landing Page from the right sidebar in the section of Triggers.

Select the landing page activity trigger to associate it with an activity. Select a saved activity again or click on Create to create a new one.


Step 3: Give the Activity a name

Give a name to the Activity. This will be useful to identify the activity in future.

Click on Save & Proceed.

You have an option to select the particular sublist that the contact who fills the landing page should get added to.

You can select more than one list if you like in this option.

Step 4: Design the Landing Page for your campaign

When you click on Save & Proceed in the configuration section, you are brought to the landing page designer section.

To understand how to design your landing pageview this link.

Step 5: Setup the follow-up messages

a. Once the form on the landing page is filled, you will often want to send out a confirmation email to the contact that his information has been captured correctly.

You can setup the message by clicking on the option shown below -

You can set the Sender details (Sender name & Sender email under the options icon) for this email.

When you click on the orange Email button, you will be taken to the email editor section, where you can setup the email (follow steps 4-10).

b. Similarly, when someone fills out the form, you or someone in your team may want to be notified about the person who filled out the form.

This can be done by clicking on the email icon next to the 'Signup Alert Message'.

You can setup the Email recipient for this notification email by clicking on the 'Configure Email Recipient' button.

Step 6: Launch the Landing Page

There are 2 ways to launch the Landing Page

a. Facebook

b. As a popup

By following the instructions on the pages, these can be done easily.


When you launch the landing page on Facebook, you will be asked a bunch of permissions by the Facebook application.

You will need to accept all the options in order to launch the page as a Facebook tab successfully.