Step 1: Finding Firecart app on Magento


a) Go to & search for “Firecart eCommerce Marketing Automation Software"


Directly go to:

b) Click on "Install now" > "I agree" > "Get extension key"

Step 2: Copy the extension key.

Step 3: Login to your Magento Admin Panel

Step 4: Go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager

Step 5: It will once again ask you to login. Then it will open Magento Connect Manager. You need to paste the copied extension key in the Install Key Section. And click on “Install”.

Step 6: It will show you the extension installation log. Just click on refresh and return to admin. You may need to logout and login again.

Step 7: For further installation & integration we (Firecart) require the Consumer key & Consumer Secret along with the Shop URL. To get these, you can create a new Firecart Consumer on Magento admin & do the following:

a) Go to System > Web Services > REST - OAuth Consumers

b) Add new Consumer & Save it

c) Copy the Key and Secret Codes and Save it on your desktop. We’ll need these codes later on Firecart for integration

Step 8: Once you do the above steps, you need to do the following:

a) Register on Firecart -

b) Login to Firecart Dashboard -

c) Go to Settings > Integrations & Select "Magento"

Step 9: Once you select Magento, you'll get the 1st step, which will ask you the Magento Shop URL, Consumer key and Consumer Secret. Please add the details which you received in Step 7(c) & click "Next step".

Additionally, please provide custom admin path if it is not a default “admin”. Example: if your admin login url is, then enter “secret-admin” in the Custom Admin Path text field.

Step 10: In the 2nd step you need to authorize the app & get verifier code. You need to do the following:

a) Click on "Click here to authorize and get verifier code"

b) A new tab will open stating "Authorize application". Click on "Authorize"

c) Once you authorize, you'll get a confirmation message with the verifier code. Copy the verifier code

Step 11: In the next step i.e. 3rd step, paste the verifier code that you copied in Step 10(c) & click "Next step".

Step 12: In the 4th step, you'll get an unique Firecart access key. You'll need to do the following:

a) Copy the Firecart access key

b) Paste the Firecart access key into your Magento's admin firecart settings. You can access the settings by following these steps:

- Login to Magento Admin

- Go to System > Configuration > Firecart > Firecart API Credentials

- Paste the Firecart access key & click on "Save Config"

Your Firecart Integration is now completed. If you see any 404 error message, please logout from Magento Admin, then login again & repeat Step 12.

c) Go back to Firecart & click on "I successfully pasted this key in magento".