There are occasions when you have already launched your program and now want to optimize the campaign further.

Typically, optimization of a Referral program involves changing the landing page, message content, changes to awards & rules, etc.

Since, changes made to the existing Referral program campaign will immediately reflect on the live campaign, we suggest you take the following steps to avoid unexpected problems.

Create another test Referral program

1. Create another Referral program


2. Select the appropriate page (either from the default templates or one of the saved pages)



3. Choose from the existing saved templates or create a new one.


4. Once you have configured this new page and saved it, you can start working on the new award structure

5. Set the appropriate messages for this new referral program. Make sure you save the new messages under a different template name.

6. Finally, launch the campaign and test it internally for the look & feel of the page, the messages and the awards.

If it looks okay to you, you are now ready to port the changes to the live campaign.